Collection #1

Welcome to my new wallpaper gallery page!

On the old one, we got a few comments about it being difficult to download or navigate. We decided on this new layout that matches the weekly wallpaper posts to ease downloads from any device.

Because I tend to upload my extra wallpapers in bulk, I’m going to go with a numerical order for the post entries. It’s simple (for me) and more straightforward to find/download (for you). Any wallpaper you preview in an accompanying social media post will have the collection #, so there’s no need for endless scrolling, you’ll know what you’re looking for.

Rarely will they have an intro (unlike the weekly wallpapers), they will get straight to the point! Click on the wallpaper of your choice and it’ll pop-up in an individual lightbox. Right-click and save.

They’re sized a larger size than previous gallery wallpapers to fit most devices. Just pinch and zoom.

Unless otherwise stated, all pictures and artwork is by me. To be used for wallpaper purposes only.