TEKTOK Podcast - EP066 - Dongle Rants

TEKTOK Show Notes

Episode #: 66

Date: 08/14/19

Hosts: Dan Sagner, Colin Gold & Clay Russell

TEK Topics

  • Dan: Massive biometric data breach

    • What can we do about it? Not like you can get a new face and finger prints.

    • Should this be a wakeup call? Should the industry move away from using biometrics as a login feature? 

    • Is it inherently insecure?

  • Colin: Natural Language & Automation

    • I wish everything was natural language with automation. Thoughts?

  • Clay: App Loyalty

    • What apps are you loyal to and why?

    • What triggers a change to something new?

Sweet & Sour TEK

  • Dan: PocketCasts

  • Colin: Dongles and the 3.5mm headphone jack

  • Clay: Marvel Movies (Iā€™m a noob. Enjoying the ride!)

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In Closing

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