TEKTOK Podcast - EP064 - The Superhero Conundrum

TEKTOK Show Notes

Episode #: 64

Date: 06/10/19

Hosts: Jerry Goldbaum, Dan Sagner, Ken Cooper & Clay Russell

TEK Topics

  • Jerry: Apple as a monopoly 

    • Do you think there is any merit to the Supreme Court ruling to allow people to having “standing” to sue Apple? 

  • Dan: "Ethical" Hacking for Vulnerability Protection

    • Blue Keep is a new worm infecting Windows RDP systems

    • It would be possible for an "ethical" hacker to gain access to these systems and patch them

    • Should this be allowed?  Should only companies/law enforcement be allowed to do it?

    • What do you think of the hackers that have done this in the past?

  • Ken: Censorship (of hate speech, false information, violence) on tech platforms

    • Apple Podcasts, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube—all seem to handle this issue differently

      • Should they remove it?

      • Should they counter it?

      • Do nothing?

      • [insert your utopian solution here]

  • Clay: iPadOS

    • Was this the right move for iOS?

    • Are you concerned that the iPhone or even the Mac will take a back seat to the iPad when it comes to development priorities?

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