TEKTOK Podcast - EP063 - Which Team?

TEKTOK Show Notes

Episode #: 63

Date: 05/20/19

Hosts: Colin Gold, Daniel Sagner & Clay Russell

TEK Topics

  • Colin Google just launched the second version of Google Glass Enterprise Edition

    • Will google glass become a wearable?

    • Would you use it? What if it were an Apple product? 

    • What’s the biggest feature that would make it necessary to purchase? 

  • Daniel: Microsoft Teams

    • Have you used it

    • Why is it being adopted by Enterprise?

    • What alternatives do you prefer

  • Clay: Game of Thrones era is over?

    • Thoughts?

    • What are the shows that you still watch on a weekly basis as new episodes are released?

    • What are some of the more recent shows you have wrapped up that have captivated you?

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