TEKTOK Podcast - EP062 - Weathering the Storm

TEKTOK Show Notes

Episode #: 62

Date: 04/24/19

Hosts: Patrick Virgadamo, Jerry Goldbaum, Colin Gold & Clay Russell

TEK Topics

  • Patrick:Foldable Displays

    • With the reports of Samsung Fold display issues and pricing issues, do you see foldable displays as a workable technology in the near future or something that is still years from successful consumer availablility?

  • Jerry: Sentimental Tech

    • What is the oldest piece of working technology that you own and does it hold any sentimental value (i.e. stage of life) for you?

  • Colin

    • Notifications, distractions, and now what do I use my Apple Watch for? 

  • Clay: Social Networks

    • Which are worth your time and why?

    • Anything missing you would like to see built?

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In Closing

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