TEKTOK Podcast - EP056 - It's All Just More of the Same

TEKTOK Show Notes

Episode #: 56

Date: 09/03/18

Hosts: Jerry Goldbaum, Justin Klein, Priscila Klopper & Clay Russell


TEK Topics

  • Jerry: Definition of Madness

    • Buying the basically the same tech over and over and without massive changes to the product expecting it to be a different experience each time.  

  • Justin: Leaks

    • It’s 2018, why do they keep happening? Could companies just save money and skip the expensive keynotes!?!

  • Clay: Have the iPhone Announcements lost their mojo?

    • Your thoughts?

  • Priscila: Rumor 2019

    • Do you find 3D Touch essential? If Apple actually drops it next year and introduce “hover gestures”, will it be worst, the same or better?


Feedback & Follow Up

Subject: Episode 55 - social media mania


I must say that I really enjoy listening to your podcasts and appreciate the banter between the participants.

When Clay was describing his ideal social network platform I was reminded of an episode in Black Mirror. season 3 episode 1 called Nosedive. It is about political correctness gone wrong and we’re social media takes over from real life interactions. Check it out. It is very cool and disturbing at the same time.

Keep up the good work!



Sweet & Sour TEK


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