TEKTOK Podcast - EP037 - Boycotts & Home Screen Spots

TEKTOK Show Notes

Episode #: 37

Date: 02/20/17

Hosts: Patrick Virgadamo, Jerry Goldbaum, Justin Klein & Clay Russell


TEK Topics

  • Patrick: Data Plans

    • With all of the major carriers changing their “unlimited data” plans, are any of you considering changing your current plan, including ditching grandfathered unlimited data?

  • Jerry: Apple’s new iPad “computer” ads

    • Do you think Apple’s new “computer” ads reminiscent of the Mac vs PC are the right way to market the current iPad Pro?

  • Justin: Apps

    • What are your Top 5 must apps to have on your main home screen? How have they changed over the years?

  • Clay: Should political and religious beliefs dictate your technology purchases?

    • When is a boycott appropriate?


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