TEKTOK Podcast - EP031 - Locked In

TEKTOK Show Notes

Episode #: 31

Date: 09/05/16

Hosts: Brian Feldhaus, Justin Klein, & Clay Russell


TEK Topics

  • Brian: Note 7 recall

    • Do you think Apple will sell more iPhone 7 Plus’ or will Android loyalist stay put and wait for a fix on the Note 7?

  • Justin: iOS 10

    • What features do you find (or will find) useful with iOS 10? What additional features would you like to see added for either the iPhone or iPad?

  • Clay: Device & Platform Switchers

    • What is it that causes a person to want to upgrade or switch devices or platforms mid-cycle or mid contract?


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How to Reach Us

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Contest Announcement

The TEKTOK Podcast is partnering with iPhone case maker Caudabe for a contest and giveaway to our listeners. To see the case we are giving away to a lucky listener, check out Justin’s review here. How to win? Tweet both @TEKTOKPodcast & @Caudabe with a photo of your uncased iPhone with the TEKTOK podcast playing on your device and include hashtag #MinimalistPerfection. A random winner or winner(s) will be chosen out of the submitted tweets.


In Closing

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