TEKTOK Podcast - EP025 - OCD & the SE

TEKTOK Show Notes

Episode #: 25

Date: 03/21/16

Hosts: Donny Benfield, Brian Feldhaus, Todd Wright, Sam Strickland, Patrick Virgadamo, Jerry Goldbaum, Timothy Broder & Clay Russell


TEK Topics

  • Patrick: iPhone SE

    • What are your thoughts on the iPhone SE, was Apple smart to hold this device out for Spring announcement?

  • Jerry: Smartphone as a primary (and only) computing device?

    • Can your smartphone be your primary (and only) computing device?

  • Tim: Mobile Money

    • How comfortable are you sending money with your phone? (venmo, square cash, FBM, snapchat)

    • How comfortable are you giving these apps your CC or checking account info?

  • Justin: RSS and news apps

    • What is your routine for saving news/blog posts? By the time you get to them are they already old news?

  • Clay: Homescreens on iOS

    • How would you like to see the home screen changed in iOS?


Feedback & Follow Up


Sweet & Sour TEK

  • Jerry: Citymapper with Apple Watch

  • Tim: Headspace and meditation

  • Justin: Best Buy’s Return Policy - FAIL!

  • Clay: Instapaper Free with premium subscription for $2.99/monthly

  • Patrick : Waitr


How to Reach Us

Where you can reach the TEKTOK gang


In Closing

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