TEKTOK Podcast - EP015 - Tech Stuff & Other Private Matters

TEKTOK Show Notes

Episode #: 15

Date: 06/15/15

Hosts: Brian Feldhaus, Todd Wright, Sam Strickland, Patrick Virgadamo & Clay Russell


TEK Topics

  • Brian: Gaming

    • Do you think Metal could possibly come to Apple TV? In the fight of the console wars.

  • Todd: Privacy

    • Do you trust your information to the cloud?

  • Sam: iPad Multitasking

    • Do the multitasking features in iOS 9 make you reconsider how the iPad fits in your life?

  • Patrick: E3

    • Do you think Microsoft will deliver on its E3 announcement to bring 360 compatibility to the Xbox One by Christmas?

  • Clay: Music

    • Thoughts on the announcement of Music? Will you be going all in?


Listener Feedback

  • @brockbeb: @TEKTOKpodcast would love to hear the podcast thoughts on Google Photos. Is it a valid replacement for iCloud Photo Library? I say no.


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In Closing

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