TEKTOK Podcast - EP010 - Big Money Men

TEKTOK Show Notes

Episode #: 10

Date: 01/26/15

Hosts: Donny Benfield, Brian Feldhaus, Todd Wright, Sam Strickland, Patrick Virgadamo & Clay Russell


TEK Topics

  • Donny: Google Wireless

    • Who thinks this is a good idea?

  • Brian: Fitness bands vs. smart watches with heart rate monitoring.

    • Is it worth the investment with technology advancing at a fast pace?

  • Todd: TV Time!

    • If you were buying a TV right now what would you buy and why?

  • Sam: Buyer’s Remorse

    • What is the worst instance of buyers remorse you’ve suffered through?

  • Patrick: Windows 10

    • Will you be taking Microsoft up on their offer of a free upgrade from 7/8.x?

  • Clay: The Future of Twitter

    • What do you think is the future for 3rd party Twitter clients?


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