TEKTOK Podcast - EP006 - The Great Divide

TEKTOK Show Notes

Episode #: 6

Date: 09/29/14

Hosts: Clay Russell, Donny Benfield, Brian Feldhaus and Sam Strickland

TEK Topics

  • Clay: How has the increased screen size on your new iPhone changed how you use your devices?

    • 1 - Has the new iPhone made your iPad unimportant?

    • 2 - In what ways has the iPhone Plus replaced your iPad?

    • 3 - Will you be selling your current iPad? Will you be buying a newer one when released?

  • Donny:

    • 1 - Microsoft Apple Commercials

    • 2 - Apples main Competition

    • 3 - Effective Advertising     

  • Brian: Technology divide> iOS vs. Android

    • 1 - Why all the trolling and hate?    

    • 2 - Do you feel that social media enables this divide?

    • 3 - What to do about it?

  • Sam: What do developers owe you?

    • 1 - How much does the cost of entry buy you?

    • 2 - At what point can a developer shelve an application?

    • 3 - What do you use that is dying for an update?

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