TEKTOK Podcast - EP005 - September to Remember

TEKTOK Show Notes

Episode #: 5

Date: 09/02/14

Hosts: Clay Russell, Donny Benfield, Brian Feldhaus, Todd Wright and Sam Strickland

TEK Topics

  • Clay: App Saturation (refer to study)

    • 1 - Do you have an app downloading problem?

    • 2 - Have you reached the point where you have the apps you like and are content?

    • 3 - With the app market seemingly peaking, will new iOS 8 features reignite the app craze?

  • Donny:

    • 1 - Cyber Security

    • 2 - Neeked Girls from tha iClouds

    • 3 - What do you do for privacy, are you worried??    

  • Brian: Technology events in Sept.

    • 1 - With all of the upcoming events this month, which event are you most excited for?

    • 2 - Why are you excited for this event news?

    • 3 - Will it entice you to switch platforms/ecosystems?

  • Todd:

    • 1 - Do you use specific apps while on vacation?

    • 2 - What specific tech do you take with you?

    • 3 - Why?

  • Sam: Mobile Payments

    • 1 - What do you currently use to augment or to make mobile payments?

    • 2 - Is this actually helpful or a novelty?

    • 3 - What do you want to see in the future?

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In Closing

We would like to remind you that the iOSDocked crew is  currently having their annual Apple September Event Prediction Contest. Contest ends Monday September 8th, so make sure you are following @iOSDocked on Twitter for the link to the contest or get it here in our show notes.

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