TEKTOK Podcast - EP004 - LTE-less

TEKTOK Show Notes

Episode #: 4

Date: 08/04/14

Hosts: Clay Russell, Donny Benfield, Brian Feldhaus, Todd Wright, Sam Strickland and special guest Bill Stebbins

TEK Topics

  • Clay: Build Your Ultimate Convergence Device

    • 1 What platform?

    • 2 What specs?

    • 3 What is still missing from our devices that keep them from being the only device you need?


  • Donny: Tabs

    • 1 -Will tablets fall off like netbooks?

    • 2 - Will the upgrade path continue to slow down on iPad/Tablet?


  • Brian:  Platforms/Ecosystem

    • 1 - What keeps you on any particular platform or ecosystem?

    • 2 - Do you prefer the company or what they offer?

    • 3 - Do you find it easy to switch from one platform/ecosystem to another?


  • Todd: If you HAD to buy a phone today from AT&T, what would you buy knowing you would ALSO get something else by the end of the year.


  • Sam: Can Apple do anything to make us want to purchase music again?

    • 1 - Features vs Cost

    • 2 - Advantages / Disadvantages of music via iTunes

    • 3 - What is holding Music back?


  • Bill: Is the OnePlus One worth the hassle of the buying experience worth?

    • 1 - Is it the best Android phone ever?

    • 2 - Where does it fall short?

    • 3 - What’s the average Jerry think about this phone? #garbage

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