TEKTOK Podcast - EP009 - Medium Sized Hands

TEKTOK Show Notes

Episode #: 9

Date: 12/29/14

Hosts: Clay Russell, Donny Benfield, Brian Feldhaus, Todd Wright and Sam Strickland


TEK Topics

  • Clay: Device Protection

    • 1 - What do you use for protection on your phones, tablets and notebooks?

    • 2 - Do you insure your devices in any way?

    • 3 - Is the protection worth the trade off when sacrificing the beauty of a device?

  • Donny:

    • 1 - Home theater / living room entertainment setups

    • 2 - Soundbars / Surround Sound

    • 3 - TV's

  • Brian: Tek 2014

    • 1 - What was your favorite gadget in 2014?

    • 2 - What would you like to see in 2015? Something that you’d want.

    • 3 - Are you excited for tech to evolve or have we reached a plateau?

  • Todd: The ultimate laptop    

    • 1 -  What do you look for in a laptop?

    • 2 - What is a “don’t buy” feature?

    • 3 - Is a laptop as important as it was to you two years ago?

  • Sam: Mobile games

    • 1 - Do you play a lot of games on tablets / smart phones?

    • 2 - Do you play games elsewhere?

    • 3 - How seriously do you take mobile as a platform?


Listener Questions & TEKTOK Answers

  • - Brock Bebermeyer (@brockbeb):
    “Best todo app to brain dump and manage life on the go? What do your workflows & organization methods look like w/ your apps?”

  • - Blake Woody (@blake_woody):
    “What headphones / earbuds or Bluetooth do you guys use and why?”

  • - Danny Tammaro (@dmtammaro):
    (In response to last show’s topics)
    “My first installed apps are 1Password, Launch Center Pro, Tweetbot, and Starbucks”


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In Closing

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