TEKHaus Podcast - EP002 - Playing in the Stream

TEKHaus Show Notes

Episode #: 2

Date: 07/01/19

Hosts: Geoff Farinha & Dan Sagner

Game Plays (What we’re playing)

- Halo Master Chief Collection


- Wolfenstein The New Colossus 


- XCOM is done!

- XCOM 2!  Sensing a pattern?

- Movies tho?  Been going through the Bond films

News Topics (What we think is interesting to run through)

  • PiHole has been updated since our last show, make sure you run “PiHole -up” command 

  • Sony partners with Microsoft for cloud infrastructure using Azure services for gaming and content streaming

  • BlueKeep!  Oh shiiiiiiiit!  That, and EXIM.  #yearoftheworm

Feature Chat (Our feature story for this episode)

  • E3 2019

  • (Small story) Keanu Reeves and Cyberpunk 2077

  • (Feature Discussion) Is “Cloud Gaming” the future?

    • Google Stadia - what is it?

        - Only requires connection to Chrome, no additional hardware needed

        - Streams from Google’s own servers, Intel Processors, AMD GPUs

        - $9.99 for Pro Subscription, will still need to buy some new releases at full price

        - If you do want hardware:

            - Founders Edition - $129, includes Chromecast Ultra, Stadia Controller, three months of Pro Service and three months to gift to a friend. 

            - Stadia Controller can be purchased standalone for $69

            - Releases November 2019

  • Microsoft Project Scarlet (2020)

  • Microsoft XCloud 

        - Starting in October 2019 Xbox One owners can use their console as a personal streaming server

        - Supports all Xbox One games

        - Personal streaming server is free, actual XCloud Stadia equivalent pricing is unknown at this time

            - https://www.polygon.com/2019/3/14/18266000/steam-link-anywhere-streaming-update 

            - Steam did it first!  In March. PC Master race, boiiii

            - Tried it out and it’s freekin saweet!  Played super meat boy, and latency was no problem at all.

            - Oh, and since it’s just a basic remote screen app, I’m pretty sure you can play non-Steam games through this.  Will report back.  

  • What are Dan & Geoff’s thoughts about this new Cloud Gaming venture that companies are beginning to take?

        - Data caps

        - Bandwidth and infrastructure issues

        - Latency problems 

        - Ownership of games

        - Vendor lock-in

        - Cross-platform good for Linux?

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Geoff - @GeoffEff

Dan - DanSagner.com@DanSagner

In Closing

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