TEK28 Podcast - EP001 - Data Sensitive


TEK28 Show Notes

Episode #: 1

Date: 01/26/15

Hosts: Joseph Lombardo, Clay Russell & Victor Webb


Top 4 TEK Topics

  • Virtual Reality - Apple is rumored to be working on it. Facebook owned Oculus Rift is set to start selling its first headset this year. Is this the future?

  • The Netflix Effect - Things are changing, Netflix is now available in 130 new countries. Content creators now go to them before they go to big networks. How do we see TV changing? Can Netflix keep up this momentum or will it catch up to them?

  • Data This, Data That - AT&T has now brought back unlimited data, Verizon is now offering sponsored Data and T-Mobile has binge on. Whose right? What data option do we most prefer? Should the carriers just get out of our way or do more?

  • Encryption With a Price - NYS and California are now drafting bills that would require tech companies to allow backdoor access to any smartphone with a court order. Is this going too far? Is this really the best way to keep us safe?


What the TEK?!

Each host brings a headline to the table. It may be outrageous, unbelievable or just downright makes you mad. We vote on whose headline best describes the feeling, What the heck? Listeners can tweet us their favorite @TEK28podcast with hashtag #WTT.


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In Closing

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