The Simulcast - EP260 - Is That Hair Gel Donny?

Simulcast Show Notes

Episode #: 260

Date: 1/23/19

Hosts: Bill Stebbins, Donny Benfield, Patrick Virgadamo, & Brian Feldhaus

Panel Topics

Listener Feedback

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The Casting Couch (playing, watching, reading, listening to)

  • Bill - LivePD, Forza Horizon 4, lots of YouTube car channels (Burnt Hellcat)

  • Donny - Tiny Whoops DIYMike on YouTube

  • Brian -  Blacklist, Ozark

  • Patrick - Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, Rock Band 4, The Flash

Simulcast Panel Picks

  • Bill - Fossil Q Explorist Gen 4 Smartwatch, Enacfire BT earbuds

  • Donny - AirPods   

  • Brian - Apple HomePod,

  • Patrick - TIVO Bolt (anti-pick)

How You Can Reach Us

In Closing

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