The Simulcast - EP258 - Random Ranting

Simulcast Show Notes

Episode #: 258

Date: 07/11/18

Hosts: Bill Stebbins, Donny Benfield , Patrick Virgadamo, Clay Russell & Brian Feldhaus


Panel Topics

  • Device Encryption

    • Apple iOS 11.4.1 - USB/Lightning Accessory Lock

  • ISP Content Censoring/blocking websites

  • The Blackberry is making a comeback

  • Social Network Madness - Communication is Hard


Listener Feedback

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The Casting Couch (playing, watching, reading, listening to)

  • Clay - Fear the Walking Dead, Black Mirror

  • Donny - YouTube (car stuff), Survivor

  • Brian -  World Cup & Fear the Walking Dead.

  • Patrick - Fallout 4, Ant-Man and the Wasp, Persepolis Rising (Expanse Series)


Simulcast Panel Picks

  • Clay - LEGO Millennium Falcon, Super Collector’s Edition

  • Donny - Big Green Egg

  • Brian - Ketogenic diet

  • Patrick -  Chrome Remote Desktop


How You Can Reach Us


In Closing

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