The Overboyz Wrestling Show - EP025 - Royal Rumble Fallout

Overboyz Wrestling Show Notes

Episode #: 25

Date: 01/29/19

Hosts: Wally Bush & Mike Paige

Belt of the Week

  • World Class Light Heavyweight Championship

Our Fab Five Faves

  • Mike:

  1. Beck Lynch

  2. Seth Rollins

  3. R. Truth

  4. Daniel Bryan

  5. Asuka

  • Wally:

  1. Beck Lynch

  2. Sasha Banks/Bayley

  3. Johnny Gargano

  4. Andrade

  5. Daniel Bryan

The Week in WWE

  • Results of Takeover

  • Results of Royal Rumble

  • Results of Raw & Smackdown

The Blown Spot (what the hell was that?)

  • Biana Belair

What’s the Deal? (we question Vince)

  • Wally rags on Ronda Rousey again

World of Wrestling (everywhere else in the world)

  • MPX Fight Win Survive

  • New Japan

  • and more AEW nonsense

One Fall, 10 Minute Time Limit (interview segment)

  • Wally asks Mike questions about his time managing wrestlers

How to Reach Us

Where you can reach the Overboyz:

In Closing

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