JackedCast - EP029 - Appropriate Attire

JackedCast Show Notes

Episode #: 29

Date: 08/24/17

Hosts: Clay Russell & Mike Florio


The Panel Weighs In

  • Clay:     

    • Goal: 220lbs

    • Status: 227.2

    • Change: lost 5.6lbs

  • Mike:     

    • Goal: 207

    • Status: 209

    • Change: 5lbs


The Big Discussion

  • Gym Attire (the appropriate wear for the appropriate work)

    • Étiquette - what is not acceptable by any means?

    • Men & Women - what is acceptable in general for each gender?

    • Different Gyms, Different Rules

    • Weight Lifting vs. Cardio

    • Outdoor vs Indoor

    • Shoe Wear?

    • Accessories: gloves, belts, wrist straps

    • Extra Important: deodorant & a towel

    • What should go in your gym bag?


The Struggle (obstacles to overcome in the month ahead)

  • Clay: My struggle continues to be sleep and how that directly relates to a lack of energy and junk food cravings.

  • Mike: Consistency 4-5 days a week


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The Situation Room (Mike answers the internet’s questions)

  • Is it safe to lift if you are obese?

  • What are the benefits to working out with a partner?


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In Closing

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