JackedCast - EP026 - Let's Talk About Steroids

JackedCast Show Notes

Episode #: 26

Date: 05/22/17

Hosts: Clay Russell & Mike Florio


The Panel Weighs In

  • Clay:     

    • Goal: 220lbs.

    • Status: 226.0lbs.

    • Change: Lost 7.0lbs

  • Mike:     

    • Goal: 205-207

    • Status: 212

    • Change: -4lbs


The Big Discussion

  • Steroids: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly & What You Should Know

  • The Facts

  • History - German Super Soldiers, POWs, Russian Olympians and Finally Dianabol

  • Androgen Receptors - Body’s “boot loader” for hormones

  • Esters, Prohormones, SARMS

  • What “Steroids” do

    • The Good

    • The Bad

    • The Ugly

    • Summary


The Struggle: (obstacles to overcome in the month ahead)

  • Clay: I’ve got off track on sleeping again. I need to prioritize it again if I want to continue to stay on course to reach my ultimate goals.

  • Mike: Need to get back to 5 days/week in gym


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The Situation Room: (Mike answers the internet’s questions)

  • Are abdominal exercises effective if I want to lose weight around my stomach?

  • I have been working out for a while now and stopped losing weight. What happened?


How to Reach Us

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  • @dmtammaro asks:

    • Jacked question - are weighted vests worth it?

    • 1/2 Listening to latest @JackedCast and a few things… 1. Both of you keep up the weight loss 2. I wake up at 530am running 615

    • Taking some @JackedCast advice.  Changed my weight loss goal.

    • @JackedCast hit my modified goal of 215.  Will wait a few days then adjust again.


In Closing

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