JackedCast - EP016 - Bang for the Buck Foods

JackedCast Show Notes

Episode #: 16

Date: 08/15/16

Hosts: Clay Russell & Mike Florio,


The Panel Weighs In

  • Clay:     

    • Goal: 230lbs

    • Status: 246.0

    • Change: Status: gained 3.2lbs (reason for my Jacked Track selection)

  • Mike:     

    • Goal: Stay Lean for Jamaica Trip

    • Status: 207lbs, 7% BF

    • Change: Lost 3lbs, 1-2ish% BF


Feedback & Follow Up

  • Brian on Twitter: "Take the music out while you talk @JackedCast annoying LOL!"


The Big Discussion

  • Bang for the Buck Power Foods

    • - Chicken wings

    • - chicken thighs

    • - Greek yogurt

    • - bananas

    • - Truenutrition.com

    • - Ground Chuck

    • - Walmart Chicken breasts 1.99/lb

    • - Berries

    • - Food on the go. Order two meals!

    • - Don't get stuck on “organic”


The Struggle: (obstacles to overcome in the month ahead)

  • Clay: overcoming mental obstacles (achieving goals is as much mindset as it is a physical challenge)

  • Mike: Cut is taking its toll. Losing strength.


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The Situation Room: (Mike answers the internet’s questions)

  • Does a routine diet that consists of the same healthy foods lose it’s effectiveness?

  • Is muscle confusion a real thing?


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In Closing

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