JackedCast - EP002 - Hit Those Digits

JackedCast Show Notes

Episode #: 2

Date: 07/20/15

Hosts: Clay Russell, Mike Florio, Geoff Farina & Darren Mota


The Panel Weighs In

  • Clay:     

    • Goal:     225

    • Status: 255.8

    • Change: increase of 2.8lbs. but a reduction in body fat of 3.2%

  • Mike:     

    • Goal: 223 by Mid August

    • Status: 219 (One week avg)

    • Change: BF% up to 11% but LBM also up 4lbs (192-196) from May.

  • Geoff:     

    • Goal: 155    

    • Status: 160

    • I need to measure my BF%. Let’s talk about ways to do this!

  • Darren:     

    • Goal: 175     

    • Status: 181

    • Change: Losing weight but also losing Muscle because of not being able to workout post surgery.


Last Week Follow Up & Listener Feedback: (Listeners can tweet us @JackedCast)

  • @Blake_Woody tweets us a meal timer workflow (for use with the iOS app Workflow) that reminds you to eat every 3 hours. You can find the link to that workflow here.

  • @Blake_Woody also tweeted us regarding the last episode:  @JackedCast love this. I can also relate in many ways. 9 years ago I was 260. Today I’m 175. Look forward to many more episodes.


The Big Discussion

  • Hitting Your Numbers. The crew talks about calorie intake, protein, carbohydrate and fat ratios. We share tips, tricks and routines that help us hit these daily targets and the tools we use to manage those numbers.  


The Struggle: (obstacles to overcome in the month ahead)

  • Clay: Rebounding from vacation, getting back on track

  • Mike: Eating at a surplus while keeping fat gain and bloated feeling minimal.

  • Geoff: Time for working out vs Sleep

  • Darren: Remotivation after being off for almost 2 months


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