JackedCast - EP001 - The Journey

JackedCast Show Notes

Episode #: 01

Date: 06/29/15

Hosts: Clay Russell, Mike Florio, Geoff Farinha & Darren Mota


The Panel Weighs In

  • Clay:     

    • Goal: 225lbs.

    • Status: 253lbs.

  • Mike:     

    • Goal: BIG AS FUCK (235 9% BF) Also, getting progressively stronger in the big 3 lifts.

    • Status: 218lbs 9.5% BF

  • Geoff:     

    • Goal: 155lbs    

    • Status: 161lbs. Was 180 last year

  • Darren:     

    • Goal: 175 lbs and shredded

    • Status: 182 down from 287 a year ago


The Big Discussion

  • The crew discusses their individual journeys. The road less taken that leads to a bigger and better version of ourselves. We discuss the obstacles and the victories along the way and what we hope to find at the end of our destination.


The Struggle: (obstacles to overcome in the month ahead)

  • Clay: I have one month left with my personal trainer. My obstacle will be the having the self-discipline to continue getting out of bed and pushing through the intensive workouts without the presence of a motivator pushing me to get in those last reps when I think I can’t go on.

  • Mike: I'm in a gaining phase right now, which isn't the smartest idea during summer. The biggest obstacle for me, will be to maintain a calorie surplus and not worry about summer being summer shredded with abs.

  • Geoff: The summer time for me is easy to add on pounds because of cook-outs and/or going to the beach every weekend. Drinking limits my weight-loss progress!

  • Darren: Biggest obstacle right now is patience. I just had surgery 2 ½ weeks ago. I was cleared to start running this week but no full workouts for probably another two weeks. I feel that I’m losing some muscle tone that I worked so hard for. I’m dying to get back in the gym ASAP.


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