Want Settings Toggles on Your iPhone's Homescreen Without Jailbreaking?

With every new generation of the iPhone I own, I always struggle with the urge to jailbreak. Occasionally, I give into those urges. Those urges are diminishing as Apple continues to fill the voids in their mobile operating system. With the most recently added feautres such as keyboard shortcuts, Notification Center and even a weather widget among others, my reasons for jailbreaking are becoming harder to find. One popular app in Cydia (The App Store for Jailbreakers) was called SB Settings. It's purpose was to give you a quick access to the core settings of the iPhone in the likes of Wifi, Bluetooth, Brightness and so on. With every new version of iOS, the "Settings" app becomes more and more cumbersome and slow to use making SB Settings look like a tempting solution to a problem that hinders those power hungry and impatient users such as myself. 

With the help of my iPhone Docked Podcast brother from another mother Jerry Goldbaum, he provided me a link to an iOS orientated site that with the help of their viewer base, provided some file paths to some of those settings toggles that we use so much. Basically, what this allowed us to do, is to make tapable links that would take us directly to the toggle of our choosing. iDevice Daily put a video out that showed how you can take advantage of these shortcuts using Siri which involved making contacts with homepages set up with those tapable links. I decided to take full advantage of this and take it one step further. I wanted these same shortcuts on my homescreen. Talking to Siri on my iPhone 4S is great but not always practical. I fixed that problem for not only 4S owners but for any iPhone owner out there who doesn't want to jailbreak their device and here are some step by step instructions on how to set the whole thing up. 

1. Download the App "Icon Project" available in the App Store for only $0.99. (Don't be a cheap bastard.)

2. Next you will select what kind of shortcut you want to make. In our case, you will choose "URL(Homepage). Simply input the link of the appropriate settings toggle into the text entry box.

3. Then design your icon. There are a number of options here and with a little effort, you can make some really good looking icons.

4. Select "Create". 

5. You will then be taken to a web page that displays your icon and gives you the option to add to the homescreen. Click the icon displayed at the bottom of your Safari app as instructed on the web page.

6. Name your icon and place on your homesceen in the desired place. I recommend setting up a folder to put all your icons in. 

So what do you think? Is this something you will utilize? I really look forward to seeing your work. If you do happen to make use of this, please comment below with your thoughts and share your screenshots with me on Twitter @clayrussell.