Things You Can Do Now to Prepare For Arrival of Your New iPhone 5

Ok. As of this post, we are just 3 days away from the greatest day in the history of the World for Apple fanboys and fangirls everywhere. Time could not pass any slower than it is right now. But I've got just a few suggestions to help you pass the time a little easier. 

#1 Clean house on your current iPhone: Now is the perfect time for you to clean up your iPhone from all the crap that no longer needs to be there. My rule of thumb for a good ol' app cleanup goes like this: Have I used the app in the last 30 days? If not, then remove it. Has the app not yet been updated to take advantage of a Retina display? Delete it. (Chances are the dev was no longer supporting it anyway.) Are there games on your iPhone that you just don't see yourself playing anymore? Say goodbye and move on. 

#2 Reorganize and make sense of your app placement: What apps are you using the most? Put the top 4 in your dock? What apps are you using daily? Put them on your 1st page (And remember to save 4 spots as you get an extra row of apps with the iPhone 5). Everything else? Categorize and drop in folders and hide them on the second or one of the following pages.

#3 Go into your iCloud data and delete data no longer relevant: Thanks to iOS 5 and iCloud, we now have a backup of critical app data. But what if it is an app you don't care to use anymore? Well, you can go into your iCloud account by going to Settings>iCloud>Storage & Backup>Manage Storage and take an inventory of data to keep and data that needs to be deleted.

#4 Shop for Accessories: Cases, skins, screen protectors, cables, docks, bluetooth accessories: What do you need to protect your device? What peripherals do you need to get the most out of your iPhone experience? 

#5 Start collecting some iPhone 5 wallpapers: You know you can't wait to compliment that gorgeous iPhone 5 with a beautiful wallpaper. Right? Well go ahead and save some to your photo library on your iPhone. Assuming you have photos saved via iCloud, they will be waiting for you on that new iPhone 5. Here is a good place to start looking. 

#6 Sell your old iPhone: Ebay it, Craigslist it, Gazelle it or sell it to someone you know. 

#7 Do a Backup!: Whether through iTunes or on the device itself (or even both), you will want a good backup of your iPhone and all that entails. Do this right before you send it off to it's next owner. This will ensure that all your precious data is not lost and up to date. Following a restore, you will find yourself right where you left off on the new iPhone 5. Go toSettings>iCloud>Storage 7 Backup>Back Up Now

#8 Wipe Your Old iPhone!: Settings>General>Reset>Erase All Content & Settings

You probably already knew to do all this anyway but that really wasn't the point of the post. I just wanted to kill some of this dreadful wait time by posting the obvious. You can thank me for helping you kill 5 minutes of that wait time as well:)