The Next iPhone

A lot has been said (and speculated) about the screen size of the next generation iPhone. I would like to share my thoughts on the subject.

The overall device will not get wider, thicker, or taller. However the screen size will be bumped to right at 4 inches. Contrary to what some may think, the extra screen real estate will not be used to increase the current 960 x 640 currently available to app developers. That will stay the same for the sake of developer sanity. No, the extra screen real estate will be used for some amazing new UI enhancements and new interface controls.

Here is what I'm getting at:

The speaker grill, front video camera and sensors will be pushed closer to the top of the device. The home button will go away, at least in it's current form. These changes allow for the screen to extend both at the top and bottom giving us the 4 inches we have all been hearing about (rumors, blogs, etc.). So what will the extra space be used for if not for apps? Well, I believe the top portion (of the new extended screen) will be used for banner notifications that will really be out of the way. I believe the bottom of the screen will become a customizable gesture and haptic feedback zone.

  • Imagine a swipe area to quickly move between applications back and forth.

  • Imagine haptic gaming controls with actual feedback that won't cover up the gameplay with your fat fingers.

  • Imagine highly customized navigation controls for media apps.

  • And how about a simple swipe up from the bottom from anywhere that takes you back home.

  • But that's not all. This new screen size will finally allow us to watch full scale widescreen videos in landscape mode.

I think the iPhone hardware is due for some big changes. I think they will have a new UI to compliment such a change.

I might be dreaming. But with 12 months between iPhones, what else is an iPhonaddict to do?