The iPhone Gives You More Video Entertainment Than Ever Imaginable

Without your TV? Without your laptop? Without that portable DVD player? It doesn't matter!....if you have an iPhone that is.

The iPhone is the King when it comes to portable media devices. It is ALWAYS with you. It can provide hours and hours of video on a single charge. So whether its a long bus ride, a train ride, an overnight flight or a day without electricity, don't fret. Instead, let your iPhone do the heavy lifting.

Here is a list of apps for your viewing pleasure. You can find some natively on the iPhone and the others in the App Store.

1. iPod: not only can you store local videos but you can also download more TV shows, Movies, Music Videos and Video Podcasts directly from the iTunes store.

2. YouTube: the entire YouTube library in your pocket

3. Hulu Plus+: Access all your Hulu subscriptions.

4. Netflix: Access to your entire Netflix Queue

5. Slingplayer: Access to anything on your home DVR with the use of a Slingbox

There are plenty of other options. But these are the top 5 with the most bang for the buck and they offer the most content.

The iPhone was made for entertainment, so enjoy it.