The iPhonaddict Unboxes the Nike+ FuelBand

I couldn't help myself. I had to preorder the Nike+ FuelBand. Well, it arrived at my doorstep and I just couldn't wait to share the unboxing experience. Check out the unboxing below.

Here is a quick video from Nike on the setup tutorial:

Here are some pics of the FuelBand connected to my Mac as I update the firmware and begin the initial charge:

You know I will be doing a review of the FuelBand as well as the free iPhone app soon after I have had some time to get active with it. So stay tuned. Update: (sold on eBay). In the week that I used it, it performed as advertised. Batterly life was about 3 days. At the end of the day, my take on Nike's addition to the growing line of fitness jewelry is that it is a good performer with a pretty iOS companion app. Can I recommend it? If you are serious about monitoring your activity and are a goal orientated individual? Yes.