The iPhonaddict Reviews the Q Card Case by

Update: CM4 contacted me and left me the following email. It looks like the loose fitting issues has been resolved. Details below:

Hey Clay,

Thanks for the review and glad you like the case.  Re the fit, I actually noticed that problem with the first small batch of cases and have since fixed the problem.  Our first shipment (of 144 units) contained Q Card Cases that tested as perfectly snug fits around the iPhone before shipping and upon arrival in the US.  However, I noticed last week that the few cases I had left looked a little stretched out.  I tracked the problem down to a very simple cause for this dire effect.  The case wraps around a piece of black foam in our package to keep it stable during shipping and while hanging on the store racks.  This foam ended up just a little too large for these first 144 units and over the course of 2 weeks of sitting in the package slowly stretched out the cases!  See the attached picture of what I mean.  So this is why your sample case seemed to not hold its shape.  The original case does actually hold its shape quite well but over the course of 2-3 weeks it expanded.


Sorry for the long explanation.  I’ll mail you out another sample tomorrow so you can see how the cases we’re actually selling on our website fit and feel.  It’s amazing how the smallest of details can make a huge difference!

Matt Altschul

President & CEO