The iPhonaddict Reviews the Incipio Faxion for the iPhone 5

This is the 5th in a series of Incipio accessory reviews for Apple devices. You can find a list of all the Incipio product reviews here

The Incipio Faxion is another in the vast lineup of iPhone 5 cases from the busy accessory maker. It is of the durable rubbery plastic molded variety that simply slides around the iPhone and protects the back, sides and to some degree front of the device from casual bumps, scrapes and minor drops. The volume and power controls are concealed but are easily accessible through the simulated buttons on the case. 

It offers a good grip but at the cost of a very non-scratch resistant coating. In the less than two week trial of using the case, the back of the case is absolutely covered in scratches to the point where it has made the case quite unattractive. Another issue I'm having like I did with the Stowaway is that I am seeing a good amount of color transfer from my clothes to the what I guess is a somewhat absorbent rubber. Looking around the edges of the case, you can easily see the darkened off-color tone that make the case look "dirty" for a lack of a better word. 

I do appreciate the two-tone look which is an aqua-grey combination. The colors chosen are not my favorite but they compliment one another ok.

To sum this review up, I would recommend this case only to those individuals looking for decent protection. You also need to be someone who could care less about the aesthetics or design as any significant amount of use will show enough wear and tear to turn this case into a eyesore. 

At $34.99, the price is to steep for what it offers. All the add-ons are included (screen protector, cleaning cloth and even a kickstand). There are other options in their lineup that I would consider a much wiser purchase for the money.