The iPhonaddict Reviews Calendars for iOS - by Readdle

Calendars by Readdle is one of hundreds if not thousands of stock calendar app replacements for your iPhone or iPad. This is one of the more polished alternatives and it offers some unique features that make it stand out among others.

Readdle Calendars offers a total calendar solution for your local calendars, iCloud calendars and Google calendars with full sync capabilities. There are mulitiple view options including list, day, week and month views. There is a unique date selector interface underneath each one of these view options making it easy to quickly pick a date and glance at your agenda. There is also an icon shortcut that will take you to the current day no matter where you are in the app.

So what separates this app from the others? There are a couple of standout features that really make this app unique to it’s competition.

First, is the amazingly done time selector for setting up a new event. I have never seen it done like this before, but I like it. It’s quick, it’s easy and everything is right in front of you.

Second, is the popup feature. Touch any event from any view and you will get a preview window of the event with the title, date, time and location but most importantly, 3 shortcuts for quickly modifying your event. There are the edit and trash icons, but my favorite is the clipboard icon which allows you to easily duplicate any event and simply paste to a future time and date elsewhere on your calendar. Ialso don't want to exclude the fact that this app supports custom event repeat options. So if I need to schedule a regular meeting on the 4the Wednesday of every month, I can. 

There is also drag and drop funcitionality to quickly reschedule appointments. There are several custom alert tones to pick from and this app is made to take advantage of both portrait and landscape orientations with scrolling enhancements allowing you to view as much of your calendar data as possible without switching views.

Readdle left room for future enhancements. While there is an app badge option for displaying the number of remaining events in your day, the option to use the app badge to display the current date is missing. The apps syncs with Google Tasks but not iCloud Reminders which is an oversight in my opinion considering it syncs your calendar data. Also, notifications alerts display the event name and date but not the location which is slightly unhelpful to me as I have many different places to be in the course of a day. Finally, in edit mode, there is no data field for calendar event invites forcing me to go back to the native calendar application to remedy that.

With all the forementioned shortcomings, the design and unique functionality of this application make it one of the better options and Readdle is an established team that I am sure will be making further enhancements to this application to address my concerns. I recommend keeping an eye on Readdle Calendars as it is just an update or two away from being the perfect calendar application. You can find the find the universal Readdle Calendars app in the App Store for an questionable but fairly priced $6.99.