The iPhonaddict Joins the Cast of the iPhone Docked Podcast

Episode 11 Summary:

This week Jake and I are joined by Clay Russell and Joe Lombardo to discuss so iOS happenings. We cover iPhone Nano rumors, games on the Apple TV, Sony pulling out of iTunes, and the Nokia/Microsoft partnership.

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This week my "iOS Pick" was an app call Reminders! (

If you are in hunt of an app that helps you make those calls and send those message that are time sensitive. Look no further than this app. It does a wonderful job of keeping you on top of your business. It gives you custom local time based notifications with your notes attached reminding you what the call you need to make is in reference to or it will send what note you have attached directly into a sms composition. You can also do the same with emails or simply just set up recurring todos for yourself. If you run a business or need help managing your social life, then get this app and get it now. It's currently only $0.99 in the App Store.