The iPhonaddict Jailbreaks His iPhone 4S (Tweak Peek)

Do it or don't do it? That is the question that every iPhone owner asks themselves at one point or another. I ask myself that question with every iPhone and with every new jaibreak software that gets released. It's not like it use to be, where with every Cydia install, you held your breath and prayed hoping that it wouldn't freeze and force a reboot (or even worse, a restore). No, as the iOS platfrom grew, so has the jailbreak community and the quality of apps, tweaks, hacks and themes available is a testament to that. I have noticed absolutely NO slowdown or bugginess beyone whatever I was already experiencing with the Apple released iOS 5.0. The iPhone 4S is a powerful phone, but I have found that with the right tweaks and apps, it can become even more powerful. So, regardless of if you are a member of #TeamPure or #TeamJailbreak, watch the video below featuring many of the dozen or so Cydia mods I have installed and consider the possibilities of what could be.