So You Own an iPhone & You're Now Broke? No Worries!

One of the best things about being part of the massive iOS user base family is having access to a plethora of free media including: music, music videos, TV shows, podcasts and Apps! If you are a subscriber to the iPhone Docked podcast (and if you're not, you should be), I mentioned numerous ways you can load your i-Device of choice with great free media. I thought I would put those helpful hints into a post so that you can get some quality media on your iPhone and iPad immediately. So listed below are 3 easy ways to get your free stuff!

1. Every Tuesday, iTunes updates their homepage. At the bottom of the homepage is a link to what is free in iTunes. On any given week, you will find access to a handful of quality songs, a free music video and often some great pilot episodes to up and coming TV shows. So make sure to check out iTunes weekly to get your free stuff! (and it wouldn't hurt to back up your device once in a while either)

Here is a link to a free track I picked up this week: What I Know - Parachute 

2. Next, login in to your Facebook account and become a fan of iTunes. Every month or so, iTunes will offer it's Facebook fans a sampler assortment of tracks from new and upcoming artists. We are talking playlists with 10-20 free tracks included. As a matter of fact, I redeemed a code as I was posting this for you this morning.

3. Finally, there are free apps. There are so many free apps that you could fill your device several times over. One of my personal favorite sites to do this on is App Shopper. They update their site constantly. After setting up an account, App Shopper can even send you notifications to your iOS device when the Apps in your "Wish List" become free (You must download the free App Shopper app in the App Store). Please take advantage of such a great free service and never pay for another iPhone game again.

There are also other ways to get free stuff including using American Express rewards points to buy iTunes gift cards or even visiting your local Starbucks and going to their homepage while logged into their free Wi-Fi network. 

So pull your iPhone out of your pocket and put your wallet back in your pocket. Enjoy!