Review: The Sound 510 Bluetooth Headset Part 1

I went looking for a new Bluetooth headset today as my current one was causing me grief that was non-existent prior to pairing it with my iPhone 4. Before blaming the iPhone 4 for the poor Bluetooth connection, I wanted to first try a new headset.

Upon walking into AT&T, I was greeted by a gleeful (Apple-like attired) AT&T representative with a new rainbow logo t-shirt. I told them I needed a new headset for my iPhone 4 and they pointed me in the direction of the one I'm reviewing today.

The packaging was clean and wrapped tightly. As I unpacked the contents of the package, I immediately noticed one positive feature and one minor disappointment. As you can see in the picture below, the headset comes with all the usual items you would get: the headset, instruction booklet, micro-USB charge cable, ear loops and what is this? A nice little clip-on case for your headset? Cool! The disappointment? The 3" micro-USB cable. I going to have to dig through some old Blackberry accessories to find a lengthier cable.

The headset was precharged and was actually still at 90% when I turned it on. I knew this because the EarPrint iPhone application (the free Bluetooth companion app available in the iTunes App Store) made me aware of that. Upon placing it on my ear, I found it to be the most comfortable and well fitting headset I have EVER used. Normally, when using a new headset, your ear has to get accustomed to it being there. This can sometimes be accompanied by a little nagging pain after a few hours. I experienced none of that. As a matter of fact, after placing it my ear, within minutes, I forgot it was even there. The buttons (one power switch and one for calling and answering) were easy to find with your finger and they have a great tactile feel to them. Just slide your finger down the headset to decrease the volume and slide up the headset to increase the volume. Pairing with my iPhone took all of 10 seconds.

As an added bonus, just being able to take it off and have a safe place to put it was really convenient.

Now, I would like to share my experiences with you in regard to the sound quality for both me and the people I would talk to when using the Sound 510. The first thing I noticed is that there is a a constant connection unlike my last headset. I never had a break up in the conversation. That, to me is huge. Even with the phone in my pocket, the conversation was free of interruptions. I did notice that my voice and the voice of the person on the other end was dulled and slightly muffled but I think this was done to eliminate background noises which it did extremely well. When asking the other party if I sounded clear, the answer was always yes.

Up next: Part 2 Special Features of the Sound 510 and the free companion app called EarPrint (A free download in the App Store)

Stay tuned.....