My Morning Routine

I am a man of routine. I always have been. I probably always will be. My iPhone and my Macbook Air are essential ingredients in my regular morning workflow. I figured I would share my regular morning routine with you along with the apps and services I use along the way.

I wake up early at 4am. There are 2 reasons for this. Reason #1 is that I need a cushion of time to get things done in the morning. If I finish up early, I may climb back into bed for 15-30 minutes and take a good power nap. Reason #2 for getting up at 4am is because that is when the rest of the world is most quiet. It is when I can get the most things done in the limited amount of time available. Emails, calendar alerts, tweets and text messages are few and far between at that hour. 

So about that workflow. Here it goes...

(4:00-5:00am) Time to get out the iPhone.

Get out of bed.

Feed the dogs (who get up with me).

Make my coffee.

Hit the weight scale and input weight data. (Lose It, Weightbot)

Let the World know that I am awake and check social feed. (Path)

Track Daily Goal progress. (Daily Deeds)

Read one chapter of the Bible. We could all use some daily spiritual nutrition. (

Check Twitter follower statistics. (Birdbrain)

Check to see what TV shows are up and coming that I don't want to miss. (TV Forecast)

Check the baseball scores and video highlights. (At Bat)

Update RSS feeds. I will come back to this app after it finishes it's sync in the background. (Reeder

Check and clear notifications. 

Check day's events in Calendar. 

Check day's tasks. (2Do, Omnifocus)

Submit yesterday's work itinerary and journal to bossman. (WriteUp)

Post receipt transactions and scan into Evernote: (PocketMoney, JotNot Scanner Pro)

Catch up on Facebook and Twitter timelines. (Facebook, Twitter)

Process emails into folders. (Sparrow)

Catch up on news stories. Back to Reeder. 

Take my turns on social games. (Draw Something, Words With Friends).

(5:00-6:00am) Time to get out the MacBook. 

Process all emails. It is already sorted into folders. Now each folder represents an action. You can read up on that process in more detail here.

Clean up completed actions and projects, review due tasks and day's projects and process Inbox in task managing applicaton. (Omnifocus)

Open all daily paperwork files sent to me from coworkers and input data into spreadsheet template to pull out critical information. (Numbers)

Send daily "Operational Issues" email to the management teams of the restaurants I supervise. 

Process "Process" folder of my Evernote account. This is the final resting place of every single file, attachment note, important email or random photo. I am curently at over 50,000 notes as of posting this with 50 to 100 being added daily. Due to the insanely large file library of over 20GB of data, I have reverted to using the web version of Evernote for handling the data. It seems to be pretty fast, reliable and information gets their fast due to some automation using Dropbox automator and a Hazel rule.

(6:00-6:30am) I'm still on my Macbook.

This is when I perform a series of ritual weekly and monthly tasks. There are way too many to count but I will list a few in no particular order. 

Backup contact data to Google.

Post to blog.

Get free media from Google Play, Amazon and of course iTunes and import all media into iTunes.

Continue work on iTunes playlists.

Update Evernote with an archive of recent photos. 

Reconcile financial accounts.

Prepare show notes for iOSDocked podasts.

Edit and upload podcasts. 

Do a review of Omnifocus data. 

Update staff information, prayer journal and other databases. (Bento)

Import and process photos from iPhone and iPad into iPhoto. 

Back up Macbook and iTunes library. (SuperDuper)

Buy and download favorited, bookmarked or tagged like music tracks. (SoundHound, Pandora, Rdio)

Clean up spam in unused email inboxes. 

Update all applications on Mac and clean up. (MacUpdate, CleanMyMac)

Sync my iPod Nano watch with iTunes. 

Update Twitter lists and export favorites into Evernote (ifttt does this automatically).

Clean up any unused apps on my iPhone and iPad. 

Update and clean up snippet library. (TextExpander)

Pay bills.

(6:30-7:30am) Now I put away the computer and the iPhone and watch some TV.

I will usually try to watch an episode of one of the several TV shows I try to keep up with including: 


Walking Dead

Breaking Bad

Hell on Wheels

The Killing

Mad Men

Game of Thrones


Battlestar Gallactica

TNA Impact! (I still watch some occasion wrestling.)

If I have any time left over, I take that power nap I talked about earlier. 

(7:30-8:00am) Get ready for work. 

That's my routine. I do it daily without fail. 7 days a week, 365 days a year (holidays and vacation included). The insanity of this whole process is actually what keeps me all together. Ironic, isn't it?