My Favorite Social Networks

I've posted on the Social Networking landscape of iOS in the past. This time around, I would just like to share with you my favorite social networks and service clients along with how I use them on my device. So let's get started.

The Top 10 (In order of importance to me)


1. Twitter

App Used: Tweetbot by Tapbots

Use Case: This is my primary social interaction tool. I have created and maintained so many relationships on Twitter. I have numerous accounts for different things (blogs, podcasting, business, testing, and personal). The simplicity of Twitter is what is so attractive about this platform. It has become the instant messenger of the present and the forseeable future. It is perfect for keeping in touch with that special group of people placed somewhere in your lives between family, close friends and general aquaintances.

2. Facebook

App Used: Facebook

Use Case: Not everyone uses Twitter. Facebook is the King of social networks mostly because everybody uses it. You find family, childhood friends, ex-gilfriends, highschool buddies and co-workers on Facebook. You share memories and experiences with those you care about most on this platform. Not to mention, I use Facebook extensively for setting up accounts with 3rd party apps and services.

3. Google+

App Used: Google+

Use Case. This is a sleeper service for me. I don't think it's going anywhere, and I don't believe that Google+ has really opened the floodgates on their APIs to truly take advantage of their reach on this service. I don't like limiting myself to any particular service and I like to be able to reach anyone no matter what Social Network is their default. This service will continue to grow at it's own pace and become more important as in begins to incorporate more if it's own services as well as integrate with others. For now, it has replaced my iWeb Page as my profile page. Check it out my profile here.

4. Foursquare

App Used: Foursquare

Use Case: I use Foursquare for general location based check-ins. I honestly don't use it for badges or mayorships, but mostly as a record of where I have been and when I was there for my own personal use. But I do have over a dozen mayorships!

5. Path

App Used: Path

Use Case: This service has two distinct purposes. As I approach 1000 followers on my main Twitter account, keeping up with timelines has become impossible. So I then reverted to lists. Now even my lists are getting too big to keep up with. Now Path limits me to a sensible amount of friends which keeps me from getting carried away. The problem with Path is that people are not really flocking to this platform. Yes, they had the privacy issues a while back but aside from that, migration of my close friends and family to Twitter hasn't taken off either. I honestly think people get comfortable and stay put. Anyway, to get back on topic, Path has become a place to share with the closest of my friends on Twitter. Add the ability to link to 3 of the fore-mentioned networks (Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare) makes it a good place to go to post and share from one place and effectively reach who you want to reach when you want to reach them. Added options like photo filtering and music sharing are just icing on the cake. And extra points goes to Path for the original and beautiful user interface.

6. GetGlue

App Used: GetGlue

Use Case: This network has become more than just a place to share what I'm watching and when I'm watching it. It has become a place where I discover new shows and movies I would have otherwise never come to know. When looking for something new to watch, I check out what's trending and this social network makes it so easy to not waste time on poor quality entertaiment. GetGlue also makes it easy to share on Twitter and Facebook. GetGlue is only to become more of a player as time goes on and I look forwared to see what happens when network affiliates do more to work together with this service. GetGlue is not just about TV though, you can also share music interests, games you are playing, books you are reading, wine you are drinking or just conversation topics in general. Don't just check it out, start checking in.

7. LinkedIn

App Used: LinkedIn

Use Case: I used LinkedIn to further my reach in the restaurant industry and gain knowledge from respected and experienced people in my field of work.

8. Pinterest

App Used: Pinterest

Use Case: This is the fastest growing social network on the web. It is last valued in the billions of dollars and shows no signs of slowing down. Whether you use it for personal use or marketing your business, it has become a social networking sensation. It's simple, you post pictures of whatever you want, place them in a "board" and exchange comments with others. I would like this app more if it wasn't so dominated by women, but I guess the men are to blame for allowing that to happen. Regardless, it is very clean, straightforward and provides a home for photos of things that I like or just find interesting in some way.

9. Instagram

App Used: Instagram

Use Case: This now multi-platform photo sharing service is no stranger to the tech headlines as of late. The big news is that Facebook has recently purchased Instagram for the insane price of 1 billion dollars. Of course, the running joke is Facebook could have downloaded the app for free. Seriously though, Intsragram was an investment, as it is a major player in the photo sharing space with over 40 million users. Take a photo, make it square, tweak it with filters, tilt-shift and share with the World. What's not to like?

10. Posterous

App Used: Posterous

Use Case: Speaking of big purchases, this social platform known for hosting easy to manage blogs has been picked up by Twitter. There have been no changes to the service since the buyout and that is a good thing. I for one host 4 different blogs on Posterous, each tailored to a unique interest of mine. The layout is simple and the service is free. Throw in the fact that Posterous makes it easy to post to your site from the web or from your smartphone and it's a wonder to me that not everyone is using this service for their blogging needs.

Honorable Mentions

Foodspotting: Discover, share and rate meals

Soundtracking: Make a memory buy bringing together a song, a picture, a location and a personal note

Circle: Brand new application making it easy to locate and find friends within a close proximity to you as you are out and about

So am I missing any any of your favorites? Let me know.