My 5th Generation iPhone Predictions (What You Will See....I Think)

  • Name: iPhone 5


  • 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB memory options available in black (white option for 64GB)


  • Unified chipset to support GSM and CDMA networks


  • Gorilla glass on front, redesigned stainless steel band and aluminum back


  • 8 megapixel camera with flash


  • Dual Core ARM Cortex-A8 CPU and a GPU


  • Extended battery life: 16 hour talk time on 2G, 10 hours on 3G, 8 hours on 4G, up to 48 hours of playback for music, up to 12 hours of continuous video playback


  • iOS 5.0 features

Mission Control for iDevices

Mission Control is iOS command central. Mission Control is a powerful and handy new feature that provides you with a comprehensive view of what’s running on your iPhone. It gives you a bird’s-eye view of everything including Push Notification Summary, new texts and emails (with ability to reply from anywhere), appointments, widgets, settings toggles and your most recently used apps all in one place. With a simple double tap and hold of your home button from within any app, you have access to all this information via Mission Control. There you can see your open apps, a list view of your unchecked push notifications, widgets installed via the App Store and have access to the most used wireless communication settings toggles such as bluetooth, Wi-Fi, cellular and flight mode arranged in a unified view. And you can get to anything you see on Mission Control anytime you need to.


A new section of the iTunes Store is introduced as well as an a new app for your iPhone called iThemeStore. Choose from hundreds of themes in our new iTheme store and make your iDevice unique from everyone else. (Developers get access to the iTheme SDK)


iLocker is a digital warehouse for all your iTunes purchases. Every song, movie, iBook, App or iTheme (new) will be stored for you to download straight to your iDevice anytime you want where a Wi-Fi connection is available. Further more, MobileMe subscribers will be able to access their entire library instantly via streaming straight from their iLocker.

So what do you think of my predictions? Crazy? Way off base? Right on the money? What do you think we are going to see? What do you want to see? Let me know in the comments section.