Mission Control for iOS: Turn Your Dock Into a Productivity Powerhouse

I'm the iPhonaddict. I am an Apple Fanboy. I don't hide that fact. I have a MacBook Air. I own the iPad. I entertainment myself with the Apple TV. Hell, I even have a Nano watch on my wrist. But I would give all those up before giving up my iPhone. My iPhone is my daily driver. Apart from it, I feel lost, uninspired and empty inside. I am always on the lookout for tips and tricks that will make the iPhone even more effective than it already is at being that daily driver. I think I managed to make a big stride as of late with my recent change to my iPhone dock setup and that's what I wanted to share with you in this post.

Just last week, I had the same basic dock setup a lot of people use: Phone, SMS, Mail, and a Twitter client (Tweetbot). I have since changed my perspective on what the dock should be and how it should be used. If you read my previous post, you would see that I discovered that I could take root path files to settings and make applications for them that would link to specific settings options. (It is so nice to be taken directly to a Wifi or Bluetooth toggle instead of searching through settings menus.) After creating all these shortcuts, I dropped them in a folder and put them in my dock.

The next step I wanted to take was to add several quick action commands that would take me directly to an app and follow that up with a direct action. For example: I set up a URL shortcut to open Tweetbot in the compose screen. Another example is setting up a Quick Action that will open up the camera in Instagram to instantly take a new photo. There are all kind of possibilities here if you take time to do some searching and find the right URL schemes.

So with Quick Actions in a folder in the dock, I still have two dock spots to take advantage of. I decided for the last two, that I would create one folder with shortcuts to the 12 contacts I call the most and the other folder would contain shortcuts to the 12 people I text the most.

So what am I left with? I have Mission Control in my iPhone dock. Rather than 4 basic functions, I have 48 tailored functions all just 2 clicks away no matter what page of apps my iPhone is currently displaying. The power of the dock has been released. It took a couple days to get accustomed to the location of the shortcuts but practice makes perfect and I can honestly say now without a doubt that I have taken mobile productivity to an all new level.

So are you interested in giving this setup a try? Be sure to read my previous post which includes a quick tutorial on setting up these shortcuts using the suddenly popular app "Icon Project". Then use the pics in this post as a guide to setting up your own Mission Control iPhone Dock. I will include some shortcuts to help get you started in the picture gallery.

So what are you waiting for? Get started! Feel free to comment with your thoughts below.