Making the Most out of Your iPhone Wallpapers

I love my iPhone. I love it a lot. But often I get bored with the theming of the device being limited to just a couple of wallpapers. I envy Android users in this regard. But knowing dang well I can't give up my iPhone and the traveled road that is jailbreaking always leaves me doing a restore, I have decided to take matters into my own hands, get creative and make some wallpapers of my own with some originality.

Using the four iPhone apps listed below, I got started:

1.) Retina Wallpapers ( )
2.) Layers ( )
3.) Topping ( )
4.) Sticky Notes ( )

First, I pick a wallpaper I like from the Retina Wallpapers app. I try to pick something not so busy.
Then, I use Layers which allows me to place images on top of other images. Crop and resize any pics from your photo library and place directly on top of the wallpaper you pick out.
Finally, depending on if I am making my own custom lockscreen or homescreen, I use Topping to put some nice touches to my lockscreen or some app icon borders for my apps on the homescreens.
Another option is to use Sticky Notes to add your own personal notes, reminders or calendars.

So after some toying around, I came with a couple I would like to share with you.

What are your thoughts? Have any you want to share? Follow me on Twitter @iPhonaddict or leave the links here in the comment section.