Jailbreaking the iPhone....Why?

I was going to do an entire series on the iPhone and the benefits of jail-breaking but I have since had a change of heart. While there are many incredible apps out there in the jailbreak community that add all kinds of system enhancements, I always come back to the conclusion that user experience is still #1 in regard to my needs out of my mobile phone.

I have owned every version of the iPhone (now 4 of them) and have had an on again-off again love affair with jail-breaking on each and every version of iOS on each and every iPhone. Coming from Windows Mobile, I was always somewhat of a hacker and tweaker when it came to my smart phones. With Windows Mobile, I felt like you had to hack and tweak to make it a usable device for your everyday needs, I hacked and tweaked my iPhone for different reasons. The iPhone has been the most solid mobile device I have ever owned in terms of stability, reliability and durability. So why would I screw around with a good thing? Because, I wanted to unleash it's harnessed power. I wanted to see what it was truly capable of. The iPhone 4 had the memory to handle all these extra features that were available to me via the jailbreak community. (I could make a big list here but that's not what this post is about.) But just because it could handle all those things, doesn't mean it should.

The iPhone 4, in it's locked down state, is by far, the best mobile experience I have had in the 8 years I have owned a smartphone. While I have tweaked and hacked like a madman to get my previous smart phones just the way I wanted them. With the iPhone 4, Apple was kind enough to do that for me. So my once jail-broken iPhone 4, is now the way Apple intended it to be and I am content in leaving it that way.

Agree or disagree? Let me know.