iPhonaddict Quick Tip: An Easy Way to Keep Your iPhone Filled With Fresh Music

Everybody knows that the iPhone is also an iPod or as Apple would even call it: "The Best iPod Ever!". But do you get the most out of your portable music machine? Today, I want to give you one handy tip that will help you get reacquainted with your music library. So let's get started. 

First, open up iTunes. Then you want to go into your toolbar and select the option "New Smart Playlist" and set it up as the pictures displays below:

Step two is simple. Setup up your iPhone to sync the smart playlist you have just created and sync your iPhone with iTunes


Now your iPhone will have a good selection of unrated music for you to go through and rate every time you sync your iPhone. Having all you music rated will help you set up better playlists in the future as you can easily filter out all the lowest rated tunes. I hope this tip helped some of you out there. I know it did me.

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