iPhonaddict Reviews: The Incipio Stashback Case for the iPhone 5

The Incipio Stashback Case for the iPhone 5

Review written by Ellyn Gray

First impressions: Slippery. The case feels like will it slide right out of my hand. I like textures but the smoothness of this case feels nice in the hand. My daughter thinks its sexy (even though she's not allowed to say that word).

(Rear End View)

I like sliding the phone in the case. The ridges make it very easy. It is simple to use, no fuss, no prying pieces apart or jamming them together. The case "install" went smoothly. It adds a lite bulk to the iPhone 5 and takes away thin form factor but this attribute may be nice for those who don't like the thinness and lack of heft of the latest iPhone.

(my hump, my hump, my lovely Incipio hump)


I love the color. I don't ever want a other dark case for my phone. It's just not find-my-iphone friendly! White ensures that it doesn't get lost in the black hole better known as my purse. I literally just throw my phone in my purse and roll. Having a white case is a definite plus. The green/aqua adds a little contrast. Nice touch around the rim. I don't even feel too pimped out by the name being emblazoned on the lower half of the rear end of the case.

(case in action)

All ports are accessible. I can easily put this cased phone in my car mount with no issues.

(all systems go)

I am working with four cards in the hidden credit card compartment. Or you can store 2 cards and a couple of $20's wrapped around them. Grip the sides of the upper portion of the phone and pull down the bottom portion of the case and voila you have access to your hidden cards. This is nice because no average Joe would suspect that you have cards in the case. But if someone wanted to steal your phone you'd be quadruply screwed. No iPhone, no ID, no money and no credit card. iPhones are the most ganked phones on the planet.

(hidden credit card compartment)

The guy at Trader Joe's thought I had an extended battery case on my phone. So my money is safe as long as my phone is. He has a Galaxy Note 2. He is still waiting on a case for his gigantic phone (his words not mine).

The case slipped out of my hands three times on the 1st day. The drops on the cement were pretty hard too. This case is hard to hold on to. As much as I like the look and idea of it, I can't hold on to it to save my life. The good thing is that the phone was unscathed.

Ah, more wear and tear after a full week of using the case and there is visible damagefrom droppage. It's cheaper to keep her! Better the case be cracked than a screen. The phone has been safe though, not one scratch, scuff, chip or ding. The case is still very usable. This thing is beast when it come to protection. Never leave home without it!

(small cracks)

You can get your own Incipio Stashback for $39.99.