iPhonaddict Reviews: The Incipio NGP Case for the iPad Mini

Incipio NGP for iPad Mini

Review written by Donny Benfield of the iOSDocked Podcast


The iPad Mini is Apple's hottest new iPad this year. It is ultra-portable, and that makes you want to carry it around everywhere. What does that mean? It means you have more of a chance of it getting scratched and beat up. The team over at Incipio have a couple of offerings in cases for it, and they have sent us over the NGP Impact-Resistant case


The NGP is a stiff but pliable style case that slips on with ease and stays on well. All the ports and camera are open freely and the buttons are covered properly. While this case is very simple, we absolutely loved using it. It is slim and really does make the iPad Mini more enjoyable to hold with it's matte texture. 


Another thing we really liked is how the case wraps around the side of the iPad Mini. It gives a little bit of a grip. The iPad Mini has a small border on the side and this helps for holding the iPad Mini one-handed without blocking the screen. 


The NGP is available in several colors options and comes with a static cling screen protector. It really makes you feel more secure when using the iPad Mini whether you use it on the couch or carry it with you as a companion everywhere you go. If you are looking for ultimate protection in a slim form factor, head over to Incipio and grab you one, you won't regret it. 


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The NGP for iPad Mini retails for $24.99