iPhonaddict Reviews: The Incipio NGP Case for the iPhone 5

Incipio NGP Case for iPhone 5

Review written by Donny Benfield of the iOSDocked Podcast


When it comes to cases for your iPhone there are a ton of options. The folks over at Incipio definitely have you covered when you want several styles of case options to pick from. They were generous enough to send us over the NGP case to check out for review. 


When it comes to slip on style cases, silicone is the most popular, but they tend to have play and don't stay on the phone well. Incipio has made the NGP. It is a slip on, but isn't that flimsy silicone that you are used to. This case is a sturdy impact-resistant material that will stand up to drops and stay on tight. 


The case slips on with a little effort and is very slim when holding the phone. It also has a matte back that reduces the chances of the phone slipping out of your hand. The ports and camera are all easily accessible and there seems to be no issue when using headphones or the charging port. 


The biggest issue we had with the NGP, and it's worth noting, is where the case covers the power button on top. It did not allow me to turn the phone on and off easily. You really have to push it hard to hit the button. Almost as if it was in the wrong place. However, the volume buttons on the side did not have that problem. 


Other than that, this case is very durable and slim. It comes in a plethora of colors for the money. Added bonus? It comes with a static cling screen protector and a little stand to rest or prop your iPhone on. So if you are looking for this style case with maximum protection while remaining slim, we could defiantly recommend the NGP for anyone. 


Check out the photo gallery below for a up and close look.


The NGP for iPhone 5 retails for $19.99