iPhonaddict Reviews: The Incipio LGND Case for the iPhone 5

The Incipio LGND Case for the iPhone 5

When I first took this case out of its ultra thin minimalist packaging it was love at first sight. I loved the beehive design on the folio and hinge of the case. That gave a contrasted texture to go along with the smooth over all finish. This was a nice touch, when cases are too smooth they slide out of my hand rather easily. So far it was a win on esthetics alone. The case itself was ultra thin. I love that the case added virtually no bulk to the slim line of the new iPhone 5. Still so far winning! 


The beauty of the case too was that it was easy to slide into, no fumbling around with parts or snapping things in place. There were grooves to easily slide the iPhone 5 into the case, easy does it. 

The case also has a stand for watching videos. Nice little addition via a built in groove inside the case. No need for hide away kick stands.  

For me there were two drawbacks to the case. The first is that the flip cover is made in such a way that to fold it back and text on it is very awkward and a bit cumbersome. The other is that the thickness on the bottom of the case makes it impossible to connect my auxiliary without partially sliding my phone out of the case. Not major things but little oddities that made me rethink the idea of this being the best case for me. 

Having a case with a cover also means that in order to see notifications you have to leave the cover folded back or constantly flip the lid open. If your anything like me, i.e. a tad bit compulsive when it comes to checking and using your iDevice, then this may be a hindrance to you. 

Overall this is a great case for those love the feel of the newest slimmest iteration of the iPhone. If you don't like cases but want a little protection for the iPhone without added bulk check out the LGND, it'll make you famous. 

The Incipio LGND retails for $34.99.

Review written by Ellyn Gray