iPhonaddict Reviews: The Grid - Contacts by Birdsoft LLC

The Grid - Contacts by Birdsoft LLC

Review written by Joe Lombardo of the iOSDocked Podcast

The Grid - Contacts by Birdsoft is an application aimed at simplifying the contact management on your iPhone and it attempts to do so in a more streamlined and visually appealing way. It puts your contacts in a grid as the name suggests and offers more than just a static list that you look through. It displays your contact photos and allows you to access the information you want faster. That's not to say it doesn't come with drawbacks. The app seems a little dated in the design. For instance, when you tap on an icon, a window reminiscent of Windows on a desktop machine appears with a little "x" at the top. Though this is functional, it seems a little out of place when compared to the more modern designs we see in iPhone apps today. The Grid - Contacts also lets you choose what color you would like to theme the app with. There are mulitiple color options to choose from. Unfortunately, I found the colors to be dull and visually unappealing. Overall the app seems like a very good idea for those of us who have a large database of contacts that need to be managed. This app is very functional yet lacks the eye appeal of today's standard for design. An overhaul in this regard and I think The Grid - Contacts app would be a strong contender for one of my coveted home screen spots.