iPhonaddict Reviews: The Grid - Calendar by Birdsoft LLC

Grid - Calendars by Birdsoft LLC

Review written by Donny Benfield of the iOSDocked Podcast

When it comes to calendar apps on iOS, there are a plethora to pick from. The stock calendar app usually leaves most wanting for more. So, the folks over at Birdsoft have sent us over Grid Calendar to check out. Grid Calendar is a minimal style calendar replacement, so let’s get into it.

First, when you open the app you are greeted with a tutorial on how to use all the functions of the calendar. These tutorials can be nice on getting you familiar with the app but we almost felt this one was a little to much. Sometimes you are just ready to get into an app after you purchase it, not necessarily read the manual first. There is a option to X out of it, which is a great addition.

All of our calendars were imported into the app seamlessly and we were off. The look to Grid Calendar is defiantly minimal. You can swipe left to right to switch months without little effort, which is quite nice. When you tap on a day it gives your your appointments stacked on the bottom as expected. The UI design when you click on an appointment is very nice with a box that flips at you in the middle of the screen with all the info. At the bottom on the info box, you have all your sharing and editing options. A nice addition also is the option to share to Facebook.

The options in the settings are really nice. You can change colors of the calendar, text size, day badges, etc. Adding an event or appointment was very easy and is very similar to the style in the stock calendar app. Swiping a horizontal list at the top of the calendar will let you switch between your added calendars or your calendar labels with ease. One great thing we always love to see is, this is a universal app.

So over all, this calendar was smooth, hiccup free, and brought a fresh look to the boring calendar in iOS. However, we were not a huge fan of the UI when compared to some similar apps available. With that being a personal preference, get on over to the App Store and try out Grid Calendar (free currently) and Birdsoft’s other app options. We wouldn’t hesitate to.